Armed Forces Claim More Than Citizens For Personal Injury

Armed Forces Claim More Than Citizens For Personal Injury

If you served in the Armed Forces and got injured during your training or while deployed, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. Just like regular citizens, those working in the military have the same right. However, their compensation is usually a lot higher than regular civil compensation for injuries obtained as a result of negligence.

Here is how it works and why the Armed Forces employees receive greater compensation than regular civilians.

Constantly Exposed To Danger

As they spend most of their days deployed or overseas, military personnel is constantly exposed to different types of dangers. When your life is threatened, any injury that you obtain can be compensated for. Some of you will say that “getting injured is a part of their job”, and that is where you would be wrong. When military employees are injured while performing their regular work duties, they usually receive compensation through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Assuming that they filed a successful claim and based on their injuries, they can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. The general rule is – the worse the injury, the higher the compensation. It is as simple as that.

If you were in the Armed Forces and you received one or more injuries recently, contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys and find out how you can file a successful claim and obtain the highest compensation possible in a timely manner.

Different Injuries Yield Different Compensation

If you suffered an avoidable injury in the course of duty, you are eligible to receive compensation. Most injuries are suffered due to:

  • Training exercises and operations abroad
  • Traffic accidents
  • Poor training
  • Poor medical care
  • Hot or cold conditions
  • Negligent downgrading
  • Faulty or inadequate equipment
  • Air accidents
  • Inadequate response to post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Assault, bullying or harassment

One of the most common cases for all military personnel is PTSD. Seeing explosions, people getting killed, friends getting injured or worse, can cause trauma and psychological damages to an individual. Some things can never be “unseen”. This can cause the individual to develop mental health issues, affect their family members, their social lives and interactions. Because they are constantly exposed to very extreme and life-threatening situations, they are eligible for much higher compensation than civilians. 

Some individuals are deployed while having PTSD from their previous deployment. A failure to receive a proper diagnosis is another reason to file a personal injury claim and receive compensation.

Military personnel and their families all deserve support and fair treatment. Their Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles specialize in securing compensation from the Ministry of Defense. The clients and their families all received the best legal representation. 

If you have been injured, diagnosed with a psychological disorder or impairment which is a result of your work (an event that you witnessed or took part in), be sure to speak with your attorneys and give them a call today so that they can help you file a claim and secure compensation for all your damages. Invest in your future, so that you can spend your days with your family members in peace and serenity.