3 Steps To Take After A Work Injury

3 Steps To Take After A Work Injury

Receiving an injury at work could change your life forever. Depending on the type of the injury, you may become unable to walk or ever work again.

Some injuries are worse than the others; but as long as you received an injury while performing your work duties, you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

After sustaining an injury, what is the first thing you should do?
Here are 3 steps you need to take the moment you receive a work injury.

Seek Medical Attention

It is essential that you seek and receive medical help the moment you are injured. Don’t worry about medical bills; everything will be covered by your employer’s insurance company. Even if you pay for something, it will be reimbursed to you later.

Once you are out of life danger, you should follow the therapies prescribed by the doctor, and drink the medication given to you. If you fail to take a therapy, the insurance company may use that against you. Picture a scenario where the insurance company knows that you are not undertaking any therapies assigned. They may think that you are feeling good again, and may refuse to pay for any additional benefits as you are clearly eligible to work again.
Remember that it is important to follow every procedure and go to every therapy assigned by the doctor. It is the only way to ensure that you will be given full benefits for your injury. For more information about work injuries, feel free to call one of our Workplace Injury Attorneys.

Report The Injury To Your Superiors

After getting proper medical attention, the next thing you should do is report the injury to your superiors. In California, you have 30 days to let your superiors know that you have received a work-related injury. Upon reporting the injury, you will receive a form which you have to fill and start the workers’ compensation process.
Understand that if you miss the deadline for reporting the injury, you won’t be able to recover the benefits for the injuries you sustained.

Note that in some extremely rare cases, it is possible to seek an extension of the deadline if your health is not stable and if you are unable to leave the hospital due to your injuries.

Seek Legal Help And File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Once your superiors are notified, you are left with one final step, and that is finding an attorney to represent you. If you already don’t have one, you should schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys in order to receive a free case evaluation and legal guidance.

If you choose to hire one of our attorneys, they will help you file a workers’ compensation claim, and take over from there, until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Representing yourself is not the smartest decision at this time. You could lose more than you could afford to lose. On top of that, attorneys will charge you only once you receive your benefits. There are no initial charges to worry about. With that in mind, why not give us a call today? We are looking forward to hearing from you.